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    ***Our goal is to provide an opportunity for people of any skill level to play soccer with a welcoming and friendly community, and to create a space where we can openly discuss mental health topics and community building in order to help each other learn and grow***



  1. * this one’s in the header 👆
  2. As an organization, we have no tolerance for any kind of discrimination based on gender, sex, race, sexuality, ability or age. Discrimination, both implicit and explicit, can take place in many different forms both on and off the field. If we become aware of any instances of discriminatory behavior we will ask you to leave.
  3. Physical, verbal or sexual abuse, on or off the field, is not tolerated whatsoever. If we become aware of any of this behavior we will ask you to leave.
  4. Competition of any sort, regardless of how serious, can make people feel a variety of emotions: pride, joy, vulnerability or shame. The best teammates are the ones who are sensitive and responsive to this range of emotions among their fellow players. Celebrate with, encourage, comfort and laugh with your team. Positivity and support are an expectation and a good starting place.


  1. Topics will be announced prior to games.
  2. Removing yourself from the conversation or space at any time will not be questioned. 🚪
  3. We encourage everyone to share. Please try to provide time and space for everyone to do so.
  4. We encourage everyone to engage in thoughtful listening. 👂
  5. Silence is okay. Long silence is also okay.
  6. Please share your name the first time you speak each day.
  7. We will always have a member of Pick Me Up serve as a facilitator, but the energy, tone and direction of the conversation is determined by the participants. 🤝


  1. Pass to everyone.
  2. No slide tackles.
  3. No corners. Every 3 outs send the ball back to the other team.
  4. 10 minute games with 5 minute water breaks in between each game.
  5. No offsides, but don’t camp near a goal.
  6. There are no refs, call your own fouls and just give the ball to the other team.
  7. When the ball goes out of bounds on the sidelines the other team gets a kick-in.
  8. Cycle through positions amongst your team.
  9. Communicate with your team. If people don’t understand what you’re saying, take the time to explain.
  10. If you’re more experienced, we expect you to match your pace to those on the field around you.
  11. This is a learner’s league. If you know, share. 📚
  12. Everyone must take turns as goalie. It’s a cross we all must bear.